Wedding Photography

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You have decided to get married, but how should the portraits of that special day be taken and who will take them? It probably would be best to have someone that does wedding photography for a living. Making the initial … Continued

Macro Photography

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Macro photography is essentially photographs of small objects. Although this may at first appear to be an easy and straightforward thing, macro photography comes with a myriad of unique challenges and potential problems. It takes exact placement, timing and lighting … Continued

Photography Gear

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You can spend a lot of money for a good photography gear. For beginners it could be very difficult to choose the right camera, lenses, filter, tripod and bag. Therefore, it could be helpful to read some recommendations. Camera The … Continued

In-Motion Photography

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Taking a picture in motion can be a challenging thing for some people. With taking a moving picture, you may have experienced it becoming blurry. On the other hand, you may have missed the shot altogether due to the object … Continued

Night Photography

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Night photography is so much different than taking a photo during the day. You have to adjust your eyes as well as your camera to the different lighting. When painting a night photography, you will need to learn how to … Continued