Macro Photography

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Macro photography is essentially photographs of small objects. Although this may at first appear to be an easy and straightforward thing, macro photography comes with a myriad of unique challenges and potential problems. It takes exact placement, timing and lighting to ensure a macro photo looks good. Unlike in most types of photography, every detail and every flaw will be magnified. Any error in lighting or placement can break an otherwise wonderful photo. However, when done correctly, macro photography offers a window into a part of our world that is simply too small for most people to notice.

Make sure you are ready for your close up

Macro photography requires professional grade zoom. At this level of zoom any flaws will be instantly visible regardless of how small they are. It is important to make sure you keep everything in frame and focus. All of your subjects are so small that every flaw will be magnified, and there is no room for error. When in doubt a good internet search will go a long way in helping you find the right lenses for your shot.

The small scale composition

Small scale composition comes with its own set of challenges. I be trick is to ensure the background is completely out of focus. This will fill up all of the background effectively while popping out your subjects. It can take some time and setup, but these pictures are often extremely worth the work put onto them.

Another is to simply find a neutral background for your picture whenever possible. This works exceptionally well for miniatures. As convenient as it is, it is important to keep in mind how these simple backdrops reflect light in sometimes unexpected ways. This can play crazy games with your lighting and is always something to keep in mind when setting up your shot.

Light up my miniatures

Lighting up your miniature world for your macro photography session is harder than it may seem at first. Like with all other aspects of macro photography, lighting has to be exact, it is very easy to accidentally over power the subject with light and blanch everything out as it is to underestimate your lighting needs and leave it all in the dark. As with all other aspects of your macro photography project, it is extremely important that your lighting is exact. Every imperfection will be magnified and even the smallest error will be painfully obvious. Precision is extremely important and this is a step and should not be rushed. Small imperfections that may be almost impossible to notice in other photos can become deal breakers.

The perfect tiny details

Although macro photography is extremely tricky, it can easily transport the viewer to some of the most surreal locations imaginable. The extreme zoom gives the tiny figures and setting an otherworldly feel that simply cannot be achieved on a larger scale. These small scale scenes can be anything from a beautiful elven forest to a tiny tea party or even a futuristic city scape. Macro photography can also be used to bring new life to dollhouses, butterflies, flowers and a variety of other scenes that people pass on a daily basis without noticing. With a little creativity and patience macro photography has almost limitless potential to transport you almost anywhere.