Wedding Photography

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You have decided to get married, but how should the portraits of that special day be taken and who will take them? It probably would be best to have someone that does wedding photography for a living. Making the initial decision on who will take the wedding pictures is only half of what is obligatory to do. You also have to make a decision on what you want to photograph at the wedding and if you want different views of the same picture.

When you have approached the wedding photograph place, to go over some details, it’s getting excited about your special day. You are of course curious about how your pictures will be taking on your special day. You went over some ideas and eventually came up with a plan on how your wedding pictures would be taking that suited you. You even set up a time when your traditional pictures, with your wedding party and parents, will be taken that day. Below you will find the awesome details, what is important for your wedding photos.

Wedding photographer involvement before the wedding

The Photographer will show up early on your wedding day giving them extra time to check the lighting that is essential for great and fantastic pictures. Furthermore, given them an opportunity to take pictures of your church or wedding venue. Additionally, they could take a few pictures of your wedding cake and the decorations that you spent a lot of time putting together. If the bride and groom are getting dressed at the church or venue, pictures could be taken of them both separately as they are getting ready for your special day. Also, during this extra time before the wedding begins is when the photographer will set up their tripod to hold the camera. To give you different angles and views of your wedding they may have more than one tripod. If you are going to have different angles and views of your wedding, they probably will have more than one at your wedding.

Wedding photographer involvement during the wedding

It’s time for the wedding to begin. First, the groom and best man enter the wedding ceremony room taking their place to the left of the minister. All along the photographer is taking pictures of the groom and best man as they enter they catch the grooms anticipation of how his bride will look. As the bridesmaid starts to enter the photographer spins around catching the shot just in time. They continue taking pictures as the wedding party continues to enter the wedding ceremony room. Finally, the bride enters the room as she does the photographer spins around quickly catching the look on the grooms face when he finally gets to see his bride. Then the photographer spins back around catching pictures of the bride as she walks up the aisle to her groom.

The photographer continues taking pictures catching every angle possible throughout the ceremony. After the ceremony, the wedding party and parents of bride and groom gather together to have some traditional pictures taken. During the reception the photographer catches any action that may be essential to a wedding memory like cutting the wedding cake, the first dance as husband and wife, bride dances with father and groom dances with his mother. When the wedding reception was over the photographer took one last picture as the bride and groom drove away honking their horn.

Being a wedding photographer you obviously need to be well organized and have the skills to be quick on your feet to catch all the action pictures. Additionally, you need to have a sharp eye and the right angle for your pictures to give them a big wow.